Creative Marketing

Be creative! Don't just settle for the techniques we present, you can create your own marketing strategies!

One of the techniques I used when I was the Affiliate Marketing Director for Virtual Imagination, Inc. was contacting E-Zine owners and asking for an Ad Swap. I was in charge of writing an Affiliate Marketing Newsletter and would ask the owners of other E-Zines to swap Ads. I ran an ad for one of our affiliate products and the response rate was through the roof! We signed up thousands of Affiliates within just 3 months.

Some of the ideas can be:
• Start an E-Zine and talk about our products
• Build keyword rich domains and sub domains
• Advertise on Social Media. See Social Media Chapter
• Start an Internet Marketing Blog

Your not limited to creating advertisments in Canva with your Affiliate ID...
Some of the ideas can be:
- About the Residual Commission, Direct Commission, Referral Bonus & Performance Bonuses payment structure.
- See our video: Made with Canva (For Free!)
- About our Energy Products, you can focus on our Energy Enhancers Product motto "Get more from your day!" and that we specialize in Motivation.
- Contests for you to win.
- Whatever you can think of!

You can make a substantial amount of money advertising our Business Software.
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